Obsession. Murder. Fonts.

My new novel, Death of a Typographer, a murder mystery about type, was published in September 2019 by Australian Scholarly Publishing. You can order it here. It includes more than 30 fonts, excellent typography, and 300 pages of tasty nutritious fiction. Thuy On in The Sunday Age called it “a romp of a book, sprightly and erudite.”

Cover design by Stephen Banham.

And here’s the back cover blurb.

If you’re curious about those little marks that Stephen has used to divide the paragraphs, they are known as pilcrows. The pilcrow has an interesting history, originating as a mark made by medieval scribes, long before its current incarnation on your computer screen as a ‘hidden character’ denoting a new paragraph. As it happens there are quite a few hidden characters in my novel too, so it’s appropriate that Stephen has used it here.

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